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Business software for South African businesses

We provide business management software and services to South African businesses across the board. Our experts can assist you in becoming more efficient, in gaining valuable insights, and in taking control of operations - enabling you to focus on growing your business.

Designed with your business in mind

At Sage Pastel we appreciate that you want simple, smart products that fit your business needs. From accounting, to ERP and CRM, all our tools are designed to make day-to-day operations easier for you to manage.

Round the clock expert support

We offer guidance, advice and support to our customers through our network of local experts. If you have issues that need resolving, whether it is an accounting question, advice on a new legislation or technical support, you can speak to an expert directly. We’re always there to listen and to help.

What can business software do for you and your company:


Business software puts you in complete financial control.

Our financial software will help you:

  • Manage your cash flow
  • Generate your VAT returns
  • Raise and issue invoices
  • Manage payments and receipts
  • Set budgets and produce reports
  • Produce profit and loss statements as well as balance sheets
  • Work closely with your accountant
  • Run bank reconciliations

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

ERP is a flexible, scalable solution for a growing business.

ERP is a business management solution designed to help you streamline, consolidate and rationalise operations and processes across your business. Fast and easy to implement, our ERP solutions allow you to manage a range of business processes all in one single application, including:

  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Customer relationship management
  • Warehouse stock and supply management
  • Project and job costing

Business software products offered by Sage Pastel:

1. Sage One Accounting

Sage One Accounting is specifically designed for use by small business owners and freelancers. This cutting-edge online accounting software solution is future-thinking with business acumen that is second to none. It will sufficiently track all areas of our business operations, including all your sales and purchases as well as your inventory levels, customer’s details, suppliers and cash movements.

Our online accounting software makes life so simple, it frees up time allowing you to focus on growing your business and not being bogged down by administrative responsibilities.

2. Sage Pastel Partner Advantage

If you are in need of accounting software that offers an integrated solution, helps you master your business’ financials and keep you up-to-date with tax legislation then Sage Pastel Partner Advantage is smart solution for you. Sage Pastel Partner Advantage has been created to assist small and medium sized companies successfully manage their operations and have complete control over their business.

By using these automated business processes, business owners can be assured they are working smarter and not harder. Furthermore, this software is updated at no additional cost and companies using this software have access to unlimited support from experts, whenever they need it.

Sage Pastel Partner Advantage offers a bouquet of built-in tools, including reporting, automated bank feeds and mobility. These tools provide up-to-date, real-time and accurate information allowing all business owners to focus on managing and growing their business with confidence.

3. Sage Evolution ERP

If you are after an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software system that will offer an integrated and holistic view of your company the Sage Evolution ERP is the answer. Sage Evolution is feature-rich with add-on modules that make it a truly revolutionary ERP software system.

Sage Evolution ERP Software system will change the way you do business, for the better. It offers far more insight than traditional accounting software and ultimately pulls all aspects of your business’ operations together. An ERP software system such and Sage Evolution offers you complete control over your company’s financials as well as the relationships with all employees, suppliers and customers.