Sage Pastel Business Intelligence Centre Module: A flexible Excel-based financial reporting software tool for small, medium and large enterprises

If you already entrust Excel for sharing, presenting and analysing information, then you have been waiting for ‘Sage Pastel Business Intelligence Centre’. Analyse any aspect of your business with Sage Pastel Business Intelligence Centre – the only requirement being that your business information is stored in an accessible database. Sage Pastel Business Intelligence Centre dynamically links to Microsoft Excel where your information can be viewed and manipulated to offer greater insight into your business. Analysis options are infinite and include financial, sales, inventory and purchasing reporting. Select any of the standard reports included with Sage Pastel Business Intelligence Centre or create your own – either way, with Sage Pastel, you’re set to go beyond accounting.

Some of the standard Business Intelligence Centre Module reports include:

Select either the Standard or Advanced Edition of the Sage Pastel Business Intelligence Centre module to revolutionise the business information available to your organisation

The Standard Module provides you with a pre-formatted, intelligent Excel reporting tool for your Sage Pastel data. You can use the base of reports to create new reports, or write your own reports in Excel.

The Advanced Module provides a skilled IT user with a powerful and cost effective report writing solution, capable of delivering Excel reports from any ODBC compliant data source. You have already achieved efficient processing with Sage Pastel. With the Business Intelligence Centre Module, you can focus on extracting valuable customised information, simply and effortlessly.

Free 90 Day Trial
The Sage Pastel Business Intelligence Centre is available as an add-on module with Sage Pastel Xpress, Partner and Evolution.
Users have access to a free 90 day trial period.
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